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Bamboo Empire exists to help the planet and peoples along the natural evolution towards love and light.

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Bamboo Empire is a fractal idea. The idea is to propagate ideas that help to evolve the self and the planet.

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It is the hope of BE that great ideas, like bamboo shoots, will spread and eventually heal the planet with truth, love, and light.

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Bamboo Empire Inc. is the environment and framework that allows collections of love and light to manifest. Bamboo is founded on principles of love and light while remaining in grateful awareness of the love and light of the universe.

Bamboo Empire contains an esoteric online school, and an art and clothing label, Live in Love, both under active development. Want to get involved? Learn how you can lend a helping hand:

Bamboo Empire Incorporated was founded by Douglas James in 2016 to help preserve and spread love, light, and knowledge in the world.

The mission of Bamboo is to grow Love and Light.


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