Here’s how you can help be a Bamboo.

1. Become a better human being by embracing your highest self. 

Each person has their own path towards synchronicity with the universe. It has never been easier to seek out the information to guide you. Get as many perspectives as you can on your journey. Remember, your best guide is inside, it is your higher self that is with you, always.


“Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“To become ‘better’ is to become more like the Universe, for the Universe is our higher self.”
― Douglas James

To find a place to start, check out

2. Help others to find their higher self

Once you have evolved your thinking to see others as other-selves instead of separate entities, you will have the natural urge to help others. How you may help others is up to you, and unique to every situation.

The urge to help others and share your knowledge can be so great it gets in the way of actually helping the right people. Remember, some people are on a very different journey than you, and don’t want to learn the truth of love and light. Save your energy for those who are already on the path, or want to be. The others will learn when they are ready, in this life or the next. Seek those asking for help and help them first.

Spreading knowledge from teachers past is a great way to protect their knowledge as a living resource.

“True love is love given without an expectation of return. It is the truest joy and highest appreciation of oneness to radiate true love.” – Douglas James

3. Encourage others to help others 

To become a true Bamboo, your shoots (the people you help) will also have shoots (will also help people). Here at Bamboo Empire, we will do our best to help you help.

Spreading ideas is the most potent way to do this. To find more about our Ideas here at Bamboo Empire Inc
Once again, is a great place to start.