This is Bamboo

Still trying to conceptualize exactly what Bamboo Empire is, and how it will help the planet? Let this guide you. Here is Mind, Body, & Spirit manifestations, plus temple branding information for Bamboo Empire.

 The Bamboo Trinity

  • Mind

    1. A structured protection for knowledge of the light, the love of all
      • Preserving and freely sharing knowledge from all over
    2. Modeling the Universe in our actions through propagation of ideas
      • Creating child organizations that serve love and light
    3. Giving people a way to catalog, share, and grow ideas of all forms
  • Body

    1. A collection of working parts that serve as a force for good in the world
      • Live In Love –  Brand promoting living in loving connection with the world around
      •  Academy.Aquarius – Hermetic School
  • Spirit

    1. Rapidly growing offshoots that serve to accomplish our mission of preserving light and defending from darkness
    2. Evolution of the mind body and spirit through love and light
    3. Harmonizing of planetary energies for the people and planet Earth




 The Bamboo Temple

  • Vision

    • BE I, one with the infinite love and light of the creator
      • “Not I as in me, but I as in all that could be” – Alan Watts

  • Mission

    • To make the world a better place to live for those who want to live better
    • To spread Love and Light freely on the planet
  • Pillars

    • Spreading Positivity
    • Encouraging Exchange
    • Preserving Knowlege
    • Cultivating Life
  • Foundation

    • Love and Light – To understand and use the energy of the infinite creator of love and light
      • Harmony
        • Harmonizing of internal energies
        • Harmonizing of planetary energies
        • Harmonizing of cellular energies
      • Growth
      • Growing fractally like nature, allowing ideas to be taken on by others, modified, and then taken on again